Employment Services

Through this program which includes supported Employment, Pathways, Direct Placement, and External Situational Assessment, clients are placed in competitive paying jobs at local community businesses. At no cost to the employer, professional job coaches work alongside New Horizons’ clients providing training and assistance to help them learn the job and perform up to the employer’s standards and expectations. The California Department of Developmental Services has recognized New Horizons as Los Angeles County’s most effective service provider in placing clients in local businesses through its Employment Services program, with nearly 300 clients currently employed at over 110 different businesses.

Hire A Client

Hire An Individual But Gain A Team

Across Greater Los Angeles, hundreds of dedicated, hard-working employees are baking bagels, warehousing inventory, bagging groceries, providing customer service, working in professional offices and providing value to their employers.  They’re exceptional employees.  They’re also developmentally disabled.

When you hire one of our workers, New Horizons will also provide an experienced job coach at no cost.  This professional coach will work at the job site alongside your new employee and provide whatever training and assistance he or she might need in order to learn the job and perform up to your standards of quality.

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