Employment Services

For more than 25 years this program has been placing clients in competitive paying  jobs within the community.

Community Day Program

Provides the opportunity for clients to find inclusion in the community through volunteer work assignments.

Half Day Program

Allows individuals the opportunity to divide their time between the classroom and New Horizons’ Community Day Program.

Sam’s Cafe

Benefiting from a full professional kitchen, client trainees learn food preparation and serving skills.

A Valley Economic Engine

An important element of the New Horizons approach is to be a contributing member of the San Fernando Valley and the City of Santa Clarita business community, adding economic value and significance to our local area as well as other environs within the Greater Los Angeles area. New Horizons contributes $15 million to the community each year in goods, services, and purchases from local businesses.

  • 220 clients who work in the New Horizons Work Services provide $1.3 million in goods and services to nearly 50 business customers, mostly companies located in the San Fernando Valley.
  • Sam’s Cafe serves 200 people daily and providing $330,000 in food service and special event services to the community.
  • The clients who work at New Horizons earn an annual payroll of $260,000 which is returned to the community through purchases from local businesses and the payment of taxes.
  • 300 clients are employed in the community by more than 150 businesses and earn an annual payroll of $1.75 million, which is returned to the community through purchases from local businesses and state and federal income taxes.
  • New Horizons’ staff of over 400 professionals earns an annual payroll of $6.5 million.
  • New Horizons does business with 200 local area businesses, spending $5 million on goods and services.

Investing in New Horizons is not just investing in helping people. Investing in New Horizons is supporting the economic health of our community.