Pathways is a transition program for clients who wish to explore the possibility of transitioning to supported employment and working in a typical job based in the community. During the six-month Pathways program, clients spend one day a week exploring transitions and job opportunities with New Horizons’ staff. During this time clients work three hours each week in a community-based position in small groups (maximum of four). In addition, they attend a two-hour Pathways Job Club, where they learn and discuss their ongoing experiences working in the community.

Pathways clients:

  • Receive an assessment of their work skills
  • Develop vocational goals
  • Identify barriers to employment
  • Learn about appropriate work attitudes and behaviors
  • Receive helpful advice on how to become a successful employee
  • Learn about applying for a job
  • Fill out practice job applications
  • Practice interviewing skills
  • Discuss proper grooming and workplace attire
  • Improve communication and self-advocacy skills
  • Build confidence in a work environment

Pathways clients earn minimum wage from New Horizons during their community-based employment training.