New Horizons is a Place of Learning

You never know what someone with a disability is capable of.  That’s the message that New Horizons’ founding families wanted to share with the world in regard to their children so many years ago.  They believed that if given the chance and the skills their little ones could be taught, and thereby flourish with lives of meaning and purpose.  Because of their belief, or rather determination and sheer tenacity, more than sixty years later our campus is abuzz with classrooms where individual adult participants pursue their dreams, leaning functional living and work training skills.  They also have the opportunity to explore creative expression through arts and crafts and media arts; and they find growth through self-expression and self-advocacy, on campus and off, in our learning hubs.  It is through our agency’s learning programs and the willingness of our Members to reach for a brighter future that proves every day…  you just never know.

Virtual Day Program

Members are taught a number of activities, such as safety lessons, cooking skills, arts and crafts, and self-advocacy, through New Horizons’ virtual online portal.

Monarch Mobile Day Program

A customized day program that literally meets Members where they are in providing support and services

Green Light to Mobility

Members are given the opportunity to learn how to take public transportation in and around the Greater Los Angeles area.