Youth Navigation Center (YNC)

New year, new program, and the next best thing to happen at New Horizons!

New Horizons is proud to add our Youth Navigation Center (YNC) to our portfolio of programs. The YNC represents New Horizons’ dream to provide a bridge to graduates with Special Needs and their families transitioning from high school to adult services.  This dream became a reality when the Windsong Foundation agreed to partner with New Horizons and provided a generous grant, enabling the start-up funds needed to create such a program.

After a brief COVID reset, we launched the program in the fall of 2020 with six Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD) classes, providing virtual travel training and employment-related skills training.  Our second semester of virtual in-class training started in January 2021 with revised materials we developed in response to feedback we received the first semester.  We are now beginning Phase 2 by actively participating in outreach efforts with the schools, the Regional Centers and the Department of Rehabilitation to promote our services to a wider audience.

Phase 2 of the Youth Navigation Center starts when graduates and young adults express an interest in services beyond high school. Our goal is to make the transition for them seamless, and to provide access to a full array of services, including employment and training, college to career supports, housing, and a myriad of other programs and services.


Upon the receipt of a referral, the YNC team will contact the Member and their family to begin assessing the Member’s needs and goals. Through a comprehensive Person Centered assessment, goals are established and a roadmap is created to help each individual reach his or her full potential.

The YNC team is responsible for ensuring that communication, personal choices and a wide spectrum of opportunities are presented and supported, barriers noted and removed, and to live as independent life as possible.

We are delighted with this opportunity, and we look forward to providing you updates on this new program in the months and years ahead.