Residential & Community Living

Our residential department has a female vacancy in one of our ICF/DDN homes. Please contact Tetyana Wynter, Director of Residential Services, at 818-974-2669 or for more information.

For New Horizons clients, home represents a place where there is acceptance, equality, and an opportunity for greater independence. New Horizons’ Residential and Community Living programs are designed to help clients get the most out of their living experience, whether they are living in one of the organization’s residential homes or in a place of their own.

Through Community Living, clients choose to live in residents of their own. New Horizons staff helps locate appropriate living arrangements, and then provides individualized continuing support, from assistance with menu planning to budgeting and money management. New Horizons Residential program allows for clients to live in small, family-like settings in one of New Horizons’ 13 residential homes located throughout the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. Each home has dedicated staff available 24-hours a day to assist residents in meeting their basic needs while developing independent living skills.

New Horizons’ community living and residential services enable adults with special needs to be valued, independent, and integrated members of their community.  Our continuum of community living and residential choices allows adults to live as independently and productively as possible throughout their lives, while receiving the support they need to develop and maintain healthy and safe living environments.

Reseda Ranch

New Horizons Alzheimer’s Care Home (Opening Soon)

More than 60 years ago, New Horizons began serving the needs of children with Down Syndrome.  Now, these adults have aged and some are developing complications arising from the onset of dementia.  New Horizons is committed to providing residential housing in order for these adults to remain in the community for as long as they choose.  In efforts to meet the current needs of these adults, Reseda Ranch is the FIRST residential home which will specialize in caring for adults with Down syndrome and/or other developmental disabilities and dementia.