New Horizons is proud to be the series consultant on...

Born This Way, A&E’s groundbreaking docu-series. Born This Way airs its second season with brand new episodes on Tuesdays, at 10pm/9pm central!

  • Achievement Center

    Clients receive on-campus training in functional living skills and are involved in community integration.

  • Monarch Mobile Day Program

    Clients participate in activities and receive life skills in a residential setting.

  • Residential and Community Living

    Clients live on their own or in small family-like settings.

  • Employment Services - Pathways

    Clients transition from Supported Employment into jobs working in the community.

  • Work Services

    Client trainees earn meaningful paychecks performing product assembly, packaging, and fulfillment.

  • Travel Training

    Funded by Metro, provides FREE training on how to ride public transportation.

  • Employment Services – Supported Employment

    Clients work for competitive paying jobs at local community businesses.

Available at Pavilions in West Hills where 100% of the proceeds of cookies sold goes towards New Horizons programs and services.

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