Year End Appeal!

Give by Dec 31, 2023

Dear Family, Friends, and Stakeholders,

The thing that keeps the staff humming here at New Horizons are the many, many success stories we experience with our Members and their families. I’ve often said that there are certain facets of life that become great equalizers, such as having a home or place to belong, a job to go to, and friends you can depend on. To that end, I’d like you to “meet” one such success story—Kyle and his mother, Teresa. …

“My son’s medical journey started right from birth, with a seizure disorder that required immediate attention and treatment. By the age of two, Kyle had already undergone a major surgery; and would later be diagnosed with autism and M.R. at the age of four, and then at around age eight with ADHD. Despite the difficulties he’s faced and ongoing issues with his muscles, Kyle never gives up. He has learned to stand, walk, and even play golf! It’s an activity he’s passionate about. He’s always been very verbal and loves to talk about the game.

Our family has been fortunate enough to learn from Kyle’s example – that we should make the most of what we have. This is especially true since we connected with New Horizons, an organization that caters to individuals like Kyle who have unique abilities and needs.

Their services have played a significant role in enabling Kyle to flourish and achieve. As his parent, I feel blessed to have Kyle in my life, having come to realize that our goal should always be to maximize his potential. Kyle has autism and other concerns, but he also has New Horizons and the resources and services it provides to help him live and work. These are things that will be important long after I’m gone. That makes all the difference to him and to all of us who love him.” — Teresa A.

“I compare New Horizons with what happens out on the golf course very closely. For example, if I were to run into difficulty out on the course, there are skills within my toolbox to remedy the situation. With New Horizons, they have all the tools I need to play through life, because if I ever have any questions, they are always there to provide support and teach me skills to deal with any situation.” — Kyle A., NH Member & Avid Golfer

New Horizons has been making success stories like Kyle’s for almost 70 years. Through the dedication of our staff, volunteers, Board of Directors, donors, and other wonderful stakeholders, we’ve been able to provide services for hundreds of individuals each year, enabling them to live lives filled with hope, dreams and significant accomplishments. To continue, we hope that you will consider making a generous donation to support our mission. New Horizons is committed to continuing our efforts for generations to come, and with your help,
it’s going to happen!

We are grateful for your consideration towards our cause. Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Now if I can just get Kyle to give me a few golf tips, my holiday wish will be granted!

Holiday Blessings to each of you and to your families!

John C. Brauer, M.A.
President & CEO