A series of art classes and workshops presented by professional artists

New Horizons is proud to introduce CreARTive Collective, our newest offering that provides members with a creative outlet to express themselves through a variety of classes. Members can participate in a series art classes throughout the week and learn new skills such as printmaking, ceramics, mosaics, and collage from working art professionals in the community.

Our Members’ artwork is showcased at several fundraising events throughout the year, providing them with an opportunity to display their talent. If you are interested in learning more about CreARTive Collective, please reach out to New Horizons at .

Professional Artist Testimonial

Xitlalic Guijosa – Osuna kicked off the CreARTive Collective workshop series with two printmaking workshops in the month of August. Her experience and love for printmaking started 10 years ago when a friend introduced her to the art medium. “It’s a meditative practice…so now I incorporate [printmaking] into my writing and art practices,” she said.

When reflecting on her experience conducting a printmaking workshop at New Horizons, Xitlalic noted that she still talks about it with her peers, and during other workshops.

“I loved every second of it…you can feel the love for art in this space [and] it just reminds me that art has no limits. It was a beautiful feeling to experience the Members excitement when they printed their design. This workshop has been of my favorites of the year!” – Xitlalic Guijosa – Osuna

Member Testimonial

Elisabeth M. has been an active participant of the CreARTive Collective, a weekly art program that allows New Horizons Members to hone their artistic side, as well as explore diverse art mediums by way of monthly workshops, facilitated by local artists. “It is always good to try something new,” said Elisabeth, who has enjoyed—not just the art projects—but the opportunities she gets to see her friends in an artistic setting. “I like seeing my friends happy…calm and focused [on their art]”.

For Elisabeth, the weekly art program has also given her the opportunity to build up her mobility skills, specifically when it comes to hand mobility and coordination. She credits the ceramics workshop for not only challenging her, but for allowing her to build up strength in her hands.

“My mom feels happy and proud of me because I am trying…even though it’s kind of a struggle because my hands don’t really work the way they’re supposed to. [So, I got] more practice using my hands when I worked with clay. It was hard, but I learned how to do it and that made me feel good!” – Elisabeth M.

We are grateful for the support of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Department of Arts & Culture, as well as other generous supporters, who have helped to fund this program. At New Horizons, we believe that everyone should have access to creative expression, and we are thrilled to offer this opportunity to our Members.