New Horizons Exciting New Employment Services Program Has Begun!

We are excited to share the good news about GOGROCERY!

GOGROCERY is the result of a successful partnership between New Horizons and Albertsons/Vons grocery stores. Having begun on July 15, 2019, the program’s first pilot phase focuses on adult participants made up of clients that have exited/graduated from high school. The second phase of the pilot is scheduled for September and will include students, age 16-22, referred from local school districts, in collaboration with California Department of Rehabilitation. Completion is based on attendance and participation in New Horizons on-site training center.

Within the training center, participants receive a broad overview (a combination of in-class and on-the-job training) to learn the necessary skills for a courtesy clerk position at a grocery store or similar retail setting. Our GOGROCERY curriculum includes classroom lessons for both “hard” skills necessary to perform on the-job duties and “soft” skills to assist with developing confidence and the ability to successfully engage in appropriate workplace relationships with co-workers and supervisors.

Over a 10-week training session, all participants will learn specific skills related to the grocery and retail industry.  Additional areas for participant skill acquisition are available through curriculum in development for the following certificates of completion:

• Deli Assistant
• Floral Clerk
• Bakery Clerk
• Cashier

UPON COMPLETION GOGROCERY Participants will have the option to receive support through continued employment services including assessment, job development, and placement and coaching.

For more information, and to obtain a registration application, contact GoGrocery Training Manager Trevor Harris at 818-221-0651 or at .

Pictured above l to r: Holly Boyer (Albertsons), Rick Crandall (Albertsons), Trevor Harris (New Horizons), Kerry Mealiffe (Albertsons)