A Message From JOHN C. BRAUER, M.A. President and CEO – Oct 2023

Welcome Fall!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Autumn Greetings!

Along with Halloween, Oktoberfests, pumpkin patches, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Day of the Dead, Giving Tuesday and of course, Thanksgiving, there is much to celebrate in the fall. Fall seems like the perfect opportunity to acknowledge and rejoice the many positives in our lives.

In addition to all that I am thankful for in my personal life, I am also grateful for the changes in IDD system.  Gone are the days when choices were limited and made without Member input, and individuals were relegated to a small life. Instead, we start each conversation with, “what are your dreams and goals, and how can we make them happen for you.” In addition, I’m grateful:

  • For the founders of the Lanterman Act, especially Frank Lanterman. Assemblymember Lanterman and Governor Regan signed the Act into law, making California a state that fully supports services for individuals with disabilities and their families. I’m grateful, too, that the act continues to be updated to better meet the needs of our Members and their families in today’s environment;
  • That California is an employment first state. This ensures that opportunities for integrated, competitive employment are available for working age individuals with developmental disabilities, regardless of the severity of the disabilities. Employment is one of the great equalizers, and helps create pathways for true integration;
  • For new funding related to the Burns & Associates study. These new resources will help our industry grow and support Person Centered Planning, community inclusion and living a full and fulfilling life;
  • That New Horizons has such an amazing staff and Board of Directors. Theirs is a true labor of love, and their investment in improving and supporting our Members is palpable.

And finally, I’m grateful for the support and camaraderie from you, our loyal stakeholders. Couldn’t do this without you, and your part of the fabric of change that makes us who we are.

We have a lot of great plans ahead for the agency and those that we serve, and I look forward to sharing more information in the months to come.

Thanks, and have a spooktacluar fall, ya’ll!

With respect,

Our beloved 9-month-old grandson, Charlie at Underwood Farms…just one of the many reasons it’s such a wonderful life!