Douglas’ Story

From Pathways to Community Learning Center

In 2019, Douglas embarked on a journey with Pathways, eager to explore new opportunities. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone, including Douglas, to retreat to the safety of their homes. As the world slowly began to reopen in 2021, Douglas was among the first to return to his workplace at Jons Market.

Despite facing challenges due to his disabilities, Douglas approached his job with unwavering determination and enthusiasm. With a toolkit of resilience, he ventured into the store, ready to tackle any task thrown his way.

He became known for his dedication to perfection, especially in the hardware, party, and medicine aisles. With meticulous attention to detail, he would mend broken displays, rearrange items, and ensure everything was in its rightful place. And his efforts didn’t go unnoticed. The store manager, initially skeptical of Douglas’s abilities, was astounded by his work ethic and efficiency. Douglas’s consistent performance helped break down barriers, changing perceptions about his capabilities. His positive attitude and relentless work ethic left a lasting impact on everyone around him, leaving a legacy at Jon’s Market that remains.

And while his time with Pathways may have recently ended, There’s more to Douglas’ story here at New Horizons.

In May 2022, Douglas returned to New Horizons’ in-person services through the agency’s Community Learning Center, becoming a part of both our day learning program and Pathways. In the Community Learning Center program, methods have been devised to meet his needs and learning style, supporting Douglas by being flexible with his work schedule during his time with Pathways and providing support in the area of self-advocacy. His lessons focus on social, community, and educational skills, essential for job acquisition and reinforcing his prior work program experiences.

Douglas’s ultimate goal is to find stable employment, support himself and his girlfriend, Dulce, and set up a shared living situation. Douglas is the complete package: independent, kind, diligent, respectful, and self-sufficient. His punctuality and attendance record are commendable. Looking ahead, we foresee Douglas excelling in any role that matches his potential. Employers will undoubtedly appreciate his unwavering dedication and commitment.