New Horizons Summer Appeal

Five Thousand Thirty-Five.  That is the number of donors who made gifts to us over the past ten years.  Today, we ask each and every one of you reading this letter to either renew with a generous gift or join us with a first gift and consider yourself a valued New Horizons Champion.

Your participation will help us continue to provide a high quality of life for our 1500 clients. It’s not just because funding improves lives, homes, physical campus, work opportunities, travel, and recreation. It’s because your gift inspires others to give as well. Your generosity also makes the entire organization we’re working so hard for that much more valuable to the community. A community that needs us and values us.

This community of potential employers, Sam’s Café customers, our job coaches, trainers, volunteers, parents, siblings, grandparents, extended family, colleagues, civil servants, and friends all desire your participation in this Campaign. Your gift also factors into our ability to leverage funding with federal and local agencies. The more you participate, the more value we add, and that’s important when taking into account the constant budgetary constraints we’ve faced in the last eight years.

It should be significant to you that your hard earned dollars go toward making meaningful lives for New Horizon clients. You chose to get to know us or decide right now to make a first- time donation for a reason. Think about what gift amount you can make today. Would the lives of our clients be the same without that participation?

Your support matters! Please join us in 2016 and make a personally significant gift so you can help our clients achieve their individual dreams and aspirations.

Together, we are New Horizons! Thank you.


John D. Bunzel
Chairman, Board of Directors

Cynthia Sewell
President & CEO

P. S.  As a benefit for annual contributions of $250 or more, your name(s) will be added to next year’s New Horizons Annual Report!

“As parents, we are deeply concerned for the welfare of our daughter.  We have trusted New Horizons for decades to provide the highest quality services for Andrea.  She has been a resident in New Horizons’ group homes since 1981 and enjoys living with her friends and wonderful staff.  Please join us in supporting this wonderful organization.” – Barbara Farkas

(Image: Marty and Barbara Farkas with their daughter Andrea)