New Horizons Celebrates 25 Years of Employment at the Golden Arches!

Twenty-five years ago New Horizons’ client Rowland Woods started working at McDonald’s Restaurant.  And it became a match that was made to last. He applied for the job after gaining experience in Sam’s Cafe, the agency’s culinary program and banquet hall. He still remembers the day he started.

Recently he was celebrated by New Horizons staff, his managers, and co-workers for being one of the longest working employees at a McDonald’s that employs a total of 80 workers in what is one of the company’s busiest locations, adjacent to its corporate offices.

Rowland is quick to tell anyone who asks how much he loves his job, saying his favorite thing to do when not busing tables is making McDonald’s delicious french fries.

He takes three buses to get to work.  He enjoys his co-workers as much as they enjoy him; and he never forgets to call his manager and wish him a happy birthday… even on his day off.

New Horizons celebrates with Rowland and congratulates both him and McDonald’s for twenty-five years that have been good to everyone involved!

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