A Planned Giving Story…

Be a Hero of Horizons!

Written by Frieda Gockel

New Horizons…my hero.  They provide so much for my son whose disability falls on the autism spectrum.  When my son was in high school we wondered if he would ever be able to get a job. With New Horizons he has been employed for almost 25 years through Supported Employment.

As a volunteer I have become acquainted with many clients with intellectual and physical disabilities.   I have seen how much New Horizons has to offer them and how it seems to be a second home.  I have seen clients flourish at New Horizons and enthusiastically take part in and volunteer to help with special events.

Without New Horizons, I don’t know what our or other families would do. It’s why I give my time and support with what I can every year.  It’s also why I have included New Horizons as part of our estate plan.

Sometimes, it’s daunting to think about the future. What will happen to my child if I am no longer around, or around but unable to care for him?  For us, New Horizons makes that future so much brighter.  We know that they are there—because they have been there for 65 years–to help.

But ensuring that they can continue to provide these needed services, takes more than my gratitude, which is why we have chosen to make a gift of tomorrow—a gift that will help to ensure that New Horizons will be there for the next 65 years. And beyond!

When we first heard about “planned giving” we thought that was only for the very wealthy. But that turns out not to be true.  It is for anyone who cares enough about New Horizons to ensure the future.

Whether you are a parent, a sibling, a friend, or just someone who wants all people to have an opportunity to have a fulfilling and productive life, leaving a legacy at New Horizons is something I hope you will consider.

While planned gifts can be complex, most really aren’t.  For example, when my husband and I created our will, we had our lawyer add language that will ensure New Horizons gets a percentage of our estate. We could have identified a specific amount, but—probably like you—we wanted to make sure that our family was well taken care of.

If you already have a will, you can add a codicil, an addition, naming New Horizons as a beneficiary.  You can also make New Horizons a recipient of a life insurance policy or your retirement plan.

Beyond legacy gifts, you can create a trust or purchase a gift annuity that will provide income for you and another beneficiary during your lifetimes and then the remainder becomes a benefit for New Horizons.

There are lots of other ways you can help New Horizons not just today, but also for tomorrow.  And in the process, you can become a Hero for Horizons, just as New Horizons is a hero for all of us!

If you agree that leaving a legacy gift to New Horizons and becoming a Hero of Horizons makes sense for you and your family, as it does for us, please contact the Development Department at New Horizons, and they can assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Explore the tax advantages of Planned Giving with your financial planner.