The following letter/testimonial was addressed to John C. Brauer, M.A., New Horizons’ President and CEO, on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.  It expresses the heart of a father, and reflects why we do what we do… especially in times like these.

March 25, 2020

Hello, John,

I know that this is a trying time for everyone and I appreciate the opportunity to document my thoughts to you. As New Horizons’ CEO, I can only imagine the challenges and burdens you bear in “normal times,” let alone these very abnormal times.

Please note that I’ve copied Anna Eskandarian as well as my wife Karen on this email. I’ve documented our (Karen, our son Jake and my) appreciation of New Horizons’ services and staff in the past. As you know, Jake and I spoke in front of New Horizons’ Board of Directors a few month ago, and I’ve had reason to also sing the company’s praises on other deserving occasions, as well.

Our most recent issue regarding Jake’s situation working at Providence Holy Cross (Environmental Services) bears documenting to you, New Horizons’ staff, Board of Directors, and other applicable parties to New Horizons’ well-being.

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 events, Karen and I made the very difficult (and unilateral decision) to temporarily pull Jake from his EVS position, effective immediately. Anna has the email that explains our decision and I respectfully ask that you keep these details in-house.

Bottom line…this morning, I spoke with Anna after we telephone tagged throughout yesterday. I explained our thought process, and I could not be more proud that we partner with New Horizons after we completed the call.

Anna carefully explained that New Horizons respects our decision and at the same time they are in a difficult position with all parties.  Anna and her staff have always been understanding, reasonable and transparent throughout our involvement with New Horizons.

Along these same lines, I must emphasize how incredibly important a critical purpose (on a major scale) your company serves to this under-served community. I dare say that without your services, Jake’s quality of life (happiness, purpose, financial semi-independence) would most likely be substantially lessened. New Horizons must not only weather this perfect storm but come out on the other end as intact and operational to help current and future clients.

Please let me know if I can be a resource in any way to be a small piece that helps to help ensure this happens.

Barry Freeman

A Parent’s Message to New Horizons in Response to COVID-19

Barry and Jacob Freeman, father and son.