New Horizons’ Safer Horizons Fund

For Safer Horizons For All

Dear Friends,

We hope this note finds you and your loved ones well.  This is an uncertain and stressful season for all of us, and we extend our heartfelt good wishes to all our friends, families, volunteers and community partners.  We look forward to a time when we will all be able to be together again.

As you know, New Horizons’ mission is to promote inclusion for our hundreds and hundreds of clients with intellectual disabilities within the greater community.  Over the past few weeks however, our world has changed dramatically.  Our priority now is to help our folks stay safer at home or at their essential jobs during this challenging Covid-19 pandemic.

To assure New Horizons’ clients are supported during this critical time, our day activity programs have gone virtual and on-line with phone calls, resources and classes.  Clients who live in our residential group homes, who live independently in their own homes, or who work in “essential jobs” are receiving greater levels of care and support by New Horizons’ dedicated direct care staff, job coaches and life skills instructors.  We are quickly adapting all that we do to assure our clients are safe, supported, and not alone.  And we need to do this while at the same time keeping our staff, those that provide the direct support, safe and healthy.  As you can imagine, it has been quite a challenge.

As a result of this crisis, we have been forced to postpone our major Spring fundraising events — our annual gala and our golf tournament.  These are important fundraisers for us, generating over $250,000 between them.  The loss of this funding is yet another challenge to providing critical services.

In response, we have launched the Safer Horizons Fund. Our aim is to raise this $250,000 shortfall by June 30.  If you are in a position to do so, we ask for your support for those in our care.  Your gift now will help us cover the increased expenses of groceries, safety supplies, personal protection equipment, staff, technology, and activity materials to keep our vulnerable clients safe at home or at their jobs.

We appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement as we continue to face the uncertain days and weeks ahead. They power us forward to do what we need to do, until the time when we may again help our clients participate in the greater community.

Take care, and be well.

John C. Brauer, M.A.
President & CEO


Now at $237,930, and at 95% of our goal, there’s Still Time To Give!

Our Super Donors for Safer Horizons

Renee Ciocca – in honor of Phillip Rivkin

Hannah Krasnow – in memory of Rachel Auster-Rosen

Harriet Lipman – in honor of the staff at New Horizons

Richard Theriault – in honor of Robert Theriault

Sue Weitkamp – In memory of Fred Weitkamp and Troy Binder

Shawn Azizollahi
Diane and Glenn Baker
Sherry and John C. Brauer
Gary Dolick
Joyce Fidler
Amy Fox
Fanny & Svante Knistrom Foundation
The Joyce & Paul Krasnow Charitable Foundation
Heidi Lennartz
Robert Mayers
Justin Monem
Patrick Murray
Holly Rasey
Lena Rivkin
Rose Hills Foundation
Stuart Silverman
Martin Smietanka


Week of May 4, 2020

Brian Anderson
John C. Brauer
Kirk Campbell
Larry and Barbara Diamond
Gloria Elgort
Donna Feldman
Robin Garcia
Kristen Mays
Pactrick Murray
Daryl Rubin
Ruthann and Russell Rutalj
Heidi Siegel
Susan Stearns
Carolyn Strauss
Wendy Weiss
American Business Bank

Week of May 11, 2020

Sister Colleen Settles
Gene Siciliano
Susan Stearns
Discover a Star Foundation
MUFG Union Bank
Wolcott Architecture Interiors
Nick Mata
John Bunzel
John Garrett
Ken Miles
Nathanne Verner
Iman Mossanen
Larry & Barbara Diamond

Week of May 25, 2020

Robert Miles
Justin Monempour
Paula Silver and Stu Silverman
P.J. Wiley
County of Los Angeles – Sup. Kathryn Barger
Fanny and Svante Knistrom Foundation
Joyce & Paul Krasnow Charitable Foundation
Murray Reese Foundation
The Rose Hills Foundation
Southland Regional Association of Realtors Foundation, Inc.
Wells Fargo Foundation

Week of June 1, 2020

Dianne McKay, Mustang Marketing
Jeffrey Segal
Jeffrey Noblitt

Week of June 8, 2020

California State University, Northridge (CSUN)
Linda Gorman
Steve & Terri Ann Greenberg
Kirsch, Kohn & Bridge
Barry Krowne

Week of June 15, 2020

John Eissele
Margarete Preusser
Heidi Siegel
Brenda Rinsky and Brandon Pell

Week of June 22, 2020

Catherine Canaan-Byers
Sheena Fink
RMA/Ray Musser
Ruthann & Russell Rutalj

Week of June 29, 2020

Ron Burkhardt
Lawrence Gross, in honor of Susan Gross
Stacey Piña
Diane & Paul Thorsell
David & Harla Yaeger
Paul Zimmerman
Community Foundation of the San Fernando Valley

Month of July, 2020

Stanley B. Broffman
Scott E. Kim
Tim Newhart

Jacob Cohen 
Ruthann & Russel Rutalj

Dorothy Bushong
Church of Religious Science
Environmental Contracting Corporation
Dr. Ira S. Latto
Ella Jean West