A New Campaign to Support New Horizons Programs and Services

For more than 65 years, New Horizons has led the way in providing inclusion opportunities for people with special needs in the community. More than 1,500 individuals each year participate in and benefit from our programs and services in four key areas: New Horizons Connects, New Horizons Trains, New Horizons Works and New Horizons Supports. Each of these areas apply person-centered action planning and individual choice to develop bright and bold futures for those we serve.

Your gift to the Leading the Way Campaign is appreciated and important! Please join us
today and help our clients lead full lives.

New Horizons receives funding from the government for providing services — however these funds do not cover the full, actual costs of doing our good work. Minimum wage increases, rising insurance costs, utility rate increases, etc. require us to raise more than $1.2 million annually through events, grants and individual donations to continue to offer necessary programs of excellence to our clients.  Our Leading the Way Campaign is underway. We are asking our board members, volunteers, families,

supporters, staff, community friends and you to lead the way with us through a contribution to help our clients seek bold futures and unlimited possibilities. Gifts to the Leading the Way Campaign will assure our job training programs, job coaching, safety initiatives, community partnerships and person-centered programming — which leaves no one behind — continue to thrive, helping our clients lead full and meaningful lives.

Making an Impact

New Horizons Connects:

Provides intake and interest assessment services to more than 200 individuals annually.  Facilitates career exploration, goal development and case management to assure each client is able to focus on and advance their strengths.

New Horizons Trains:

More than 480 people benefit each year form training classes, workshops and programming that teach life skills, public transportation use, arts exploration, computer and technology capabilities, reading and writing skills, dancing, safety, health and more.

New Horizons Supports:

More than 100 individuals live independently in the community, in our group homes or in homes of their own with support from New Horizons staff, who provide assistance with daily living tasks.

New Horizons Works:

Employment training and placement, job coaching, Pathways, group placements, and community volunteering are key to job skill development and paid employment.  New Horizons works with more than 550 clients and 140 companies and nonprofit partners to create work-related opportunities in the community.