A message from John D. Bunzel, Chairman of the Board, New Horizons

In April of this year, our CEO, Cynthia Sewell, announced her retirement as of December 31, 2016, after a long and illustrious career.  In July, The Board of Directors began a robust strategic assessment process to review all of the strategic options facing us, so we can continue to provide quality programs and services for our consumers now and in the future.  With this process still ongoing, and Cynthia’s retirement date approaching, The Board has voted to follow Cynthia’s recommendation and name Roschell Ashley Interim CEO, beginning January 1, 2017, until such time that our assessment process is complete.  Cynthia and the Board are currently outlining a transition plan for Roschell, and our outgoing CEO will continue to serve the agency in a consultancy role through the end of 2017.

Roschell Ashley currently serves as Chief Operating Officer and joined New Horizons nearly 12 years ago when she was hired to be Director of Housing and Community Living before becoming Vice President of Operations.  Under her leadership, the Residential program became known for operating some of the highest rated home care facilities in the State of California; a reputation it still holds today.  In 2014, she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

Please join Cynthia and me in congratulating Roschell on this appointment.

John D. Bunzel,