A Message From JOHN C. BRAUER, M.A. President and CEO – Oct 2021

Beach Please!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Just yesterday it was summer, the weather was hot, and everyone was like, “beach, please.” But summer is officially behind us, and fall weather—including the annual donning of puffer coats and flip-flops by the locals when it hits 65 degrees—is upon us!

Much like the change in the weather, things are changing at New Horizons as well. Members/Clients are (slowly) moving back to in-person services: our day program is venturing back on campus and into the community, and our Employment Services division is almost back to full operation. We have a record number of referrals for our community living department; Go4Grocery just completed two full classes with two more underway; and our group homes continue to evolve, with new ideas being discussed to make our homes the best they can possibly be. Overall, it has been a fruitful start to a very good fiscal year.

We are in the process of finalizing our one, five, and twenty-year Strategic Plans. While the one-year plan is very specific, the five-year version is more of a vision, a call to arms if you will, and the twenty-year plan is more conceptual. With so many changes happening in the disability field, we really can’t predict what our industry will look like over the next two decades, but we can focus on key values such as quality programs, member-driven services, supporting Member choice in all aspects of their individual lives, and empowering and supporting our amazing staff. As Diane Thorsell, our Executive Vice President, is fond of saying, “Now is a great time to be a part of New Horizons.” We hope you feel that way, too. We look forward to demonstrating our commitment and vision. Once the new Strategic Plans have been fully vetted, a concise version of it will be made available on our website.

In other news, we are planning for the recertification of our “Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities” (CARF) accreditation this November. If you or someone you know would like to be a part of their survey, please contact me at your convenience, and we can discuss how you may participate.

Thanks to our dedicated and invested staff, through the years New Horizons has consistently received full three-year accreditations from CARF. Thanks to each of you for your support this past year. It has been a wild ride, but because of your involvement and caring, we are making great strides.