Persistence Pays Off for New Horizons Employment Services Member

Richard Goldberg, NH Employment Services Member Since 2012

Although challenged with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Richard Goldberg had always dreamed of one day being able to live independently.

With the help of New Horizons, he was hired as a Food Preparation Worker at Chili’s restaurant. After a time, though his dream was realized, it soon became evident that he would not be scheduled with a sufficient number of weekly work hours that would enable him to earn a living wage.

Richard worked at Chili’s from March 2012 to February 2018 when he left for a better-paying job at Cheesecake Factory until June 2019. Due to a lack of hours, he then worked in Food Prep at the Lazy Dog restaurant until April of 2020 while also working at Chick Fil A. Never able to procure full-time hours at these jobs, Richard then took a job with Fresh Brothers Pizza until December of 2021 when he landed a job at Amazon Fresh in Woodland Hills.

In spite of his best efforts, and promises of increases in earnings, Richard was never able to get enough work hours scheduled to enable him to move from his family home and get an apartment with his brother Matt. During all this time, he also attended a Culinary School to become a chef.

Richard persevered over these past years and finally landed a promising job working in Food Services at Amazon Fresh. From the first, store management was impressed with him and awarded him with a full-time position.

After several months of exemplary work at the store, Richard was then offered the honor to serve as a member of the Store Safety Committee. Richard’s Floor Supervisor not only appreciates Richard’s work, but she also values it.

It certainly appears that Richard’s ‘No Quit’ attitude has finally paid off.