Join Us, and Take Action! Write Your Legislators to Help Save Our Services During This Time of Covid-19

Dear Families, Friends, and Supporters:

People with disabilities are an at-risk group for COVID-19 infection. New Horizons’ direct care staff, like Theresa Maxwell and Montique Johnson (pictured left), are heroes in their work to keep each person in their charge, safe at home.

Yet, while we are in the midst of a pandemic, California State Governor Gavin Newsom’s budget proposal could cut over $500 million  in services and supports to the people we serve.

Your help is needed to join us in contacting our state legislators and urging them to reject the current budget proposal. This new budget process limits how many chances we have to influence the budget between now and June 15. Please call or write right away, knowing that our legislators must hear from you to know how important this is to our community!

Please click on the tools below to help craft your personal message.

Once your letter has been written, send it to each of these four Legislators (clicking on their name will take you directly to their email):

Remember that our legislators receive a lot of correspondence. When writing, it is always best to send something personal. If that is not possible, please customize the above templates to the best of your ability.

Writing and sending these messages will only take you a few minutes, but by partnering together with us and others in our community, we can help solve a problem that’s been years in the making for our clients and those who serve them.