Letter to the Editor by New Horizons Family Member, Lena Rivkin – Marcy 17, 2016

On one issue, the parties are able to work together

Re “Developmentally disabled helped by passage of state funding bills” (Feb. 29):

It is immensely gratifying to see that, as Margaret Mead once said, even a small group of people fighting for what they believe in can, in fact, create positive change.

The developmental-disabilities community was rewarded for raising its collective voice in grassroots advocacy when state lawmakers voted to save Medi-Cal and increase funding for agencies serving 300,000 of the most vulnerable Californians.

The fact that the $3.1 billion reimbursement approval was a bipartisan effort proves that Republicans and Democrats can and should work together to make our democracy strong and vital for all Americans.

— Lena Rivkin, Studio City