New Horizons Makes the Move Towards Safety

Perhaps you’ve noticed certain changes happening around campus.  Our “welcome station” manned by campus monitor Edgardo De La Rosa is located at our west gate entrance. Just steps away from the Administrative Annex building, it is one of the many additions that make our organization a safer place for our staff, consumers and guests.

Considering the current culture in which we now live, New Horizons Safety Committee, which is made up of 15 members representing every department at the agency, has worked with the Senior Lead Officer Efrem Corral of the Devonshire Police Department to identify ways in which New Horizons can move forward in its efforts of creating a safe environment.  And while Officer Corral commended our welcome station and the closing of our front gates on Parthenia Street during business hours, he also advised placing a fence around the perimeter of New Horizons’ church owned property.  To this end construction is now underway as the fence is currently in the process of going up on the corner of Parthenia and Haskell.

New Horizons Safety Committee meets once a month under the co-leadership of Director of Human Resources Diane Thorsell and Wanda Wells.  With their members, together they gather concerns, find solutions, and disseminate information.  In addition every year the committee conducts 10 safety drills (i.e. earthquake, fire, and on-site intruder) during business hours in keeping with state and local requirements for an organization of New Horizons’ size.  The goal is to make sure everyone is prepared, and that we all continue to move forward where safety is concerned.