DOVIA-LA Member Highlight! – Shade Mokuolu, New Horizons Development Coordinator

In their April 2016 newsletter eblast, DOVIA-LA highlighted member Shade Mokuolu.  Shade is the treasurer on the DOVIA-LA Board. She is currently the Development Coordinator for New Horizons and has lead volunteers for over two decades in various roles. She is very excited to be part of DOVIA-LA and has gained valuable information that she can utilize in her professional work.  Check out her Q&A below.

(Shade Mokuolu is pictured on the left, standing next to a New Horizons volunteer.)


Q: Where are you currently working and how long have you been managing volunteers?

A: I work at New Horizons as Development Coordinator. My responsibilities include managing all aspects of the volunteer program including recruitment, training, placement, retention and cultivation. In addition, I provide top notch supervision to event volunteers and encouraged exceptional customer service experience for all event attendees.

Professionally and at New Horizons I have been working with volunteers for 4 years now, but overall I have lead volunteers for over 2 decades in various roles. At New Horizons, I engage volunteers in all aspects of the organization both within our programs and for fundraising events. Within the programs, volunteers help to improve the learning experiences of our clients (people with special needs) and provide support to the instructors or line supervisors.

Q: How were you introduced to DOVIA-LA and what do you enjoy about the group?

A: The former Vice President of my Department (Development & Marketing) introduced me to DOVIA LA. After a successful golf fundraiser that I organized for the agency, she was amazed at how well I worked with both committee members and event volunteers. She needed someone to hand the responsibility of volunteer management to, as that was part of her portfolio so she found me to be a fit and paid for me to attend Education Day in 2012. During the lunch break, I called her from the event and told her she found a good use for my energy! I particularly found sharing of resources most beneficial; I have learned a lot from the round table discussion as well as from guest speakers. I am also happy with the networking privileges.

Q: Do you have any tips for volunteer managers?
A: Meaningful engagement is the secret of volunteer retention! When you help volunteers find a matching volunteer opportunity, you make a lifetime supporter of your agency! Listen and empathize with your volunteers, be part of their story. Don’t be in a hurry to get that volunteer application and interview done with, be part of the volunteer’s’ story. There is always a story behind every act of good deed…find out what that story is and connect with it!

Q:  Do you have any hobbies that help you maintain work/life balance?
A: Being outdoor is my favorite way to relax either at a resort, the beach, the park, hanging out with my family or friends  or just discovering new places. Also, I enjoy travelling and catching up with some television shows when I have the luxury to do so.

I try to maintain a work life balance by taking on responsibilities and obligations that are practical. I.  On a lighter mood, taking a nap on a weekend works magic on me…I feel rejuvenated.

Learn more about volunteering opportunities at New Horizons by contacting Shade Mokuolu at 818-221-0651.