Meet a Member of the Board

Glenn Baker

New Horizons Board Vice Chair

What motivates you?
The ability to make an impact is what really drives me.  While I retired several years ago after serving as the CFO of several nonprofits, I still value being involved and helping to guide and oversee organizations that really can make a valuable difference in the world. As CFO I oversaw most every aspect of the businesses I was involved with; and so I find I also have relevant experience in many aspects of New Horizons that help me serve here as a Board Member and make my role as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee a particularly exciting one.  New Horizons is such a dynamic organization.  While I still have plenty of time for retiree activities, I feel staying engaged with the mission and the great people of New Horizons helps keep me fresh and relevant.

What makes New Horizons’ mission meaningful to you?
I grew up with two of our original clients.  Our two families were very close friends and I was always aware of New Horizons as it was central to their family’s life; and, their parents were very active in running and supporting the organization.  When I became reacquainted with the organization several years ago, it was an easy fit to join in and with my non-profit background, get very involved.  Thinking about my two friends and their lifetime of experiences here helps me relate to our mission, our staff and our other clients and their experiences.

Right now… What one thing (skill, talent, knowledge) are you glad to be able to bring to New Horizons and the clients? 
The broad experience in non-profits and my ability to give a little more time as a retired guy makes it a great experience for me.  I’ve truly enjoyed being so involved.  New Horizons is on the move with new leadership and (almost) a new strategic plan –- I am very excited about the future and glad to be a part of it.

Glenn Baker has been an important member of New Horizons’ Board, graciously sharing his time, talent, and resources for the benefit of our clients since 2013.