New Horizons’ Employment Readiness Program Opens a New Window for Adults with Disabilities

While the number of unemployed persons continues to decrease nationwide, the unemployment rate for persons with a disability is more than twice the rate of those with no disability. However, it has been proven that adults with disabilities have a significantly better chance of employment when they receive job skills training.

Since August 2018, New Horizons has been offering its Employment Readiness program designed to get our clients integrated into the workforce. Recently, the organization received help from Microsoft Store in translating job skills to technology and online literacy with a planned result for innovative opportunities for all.

“I loved the Microsoft Store windows class and I want to learn more,” says Irene M.  Danielle D. echoes some of the same sentiment, “I really enjoyed the Microsoft Store class. It was beneficial to me and the teacher from the company understood my questions and gave me answers to help me complete the course.  It helped me gain experience for my job search which is currently underway.”

The connection between poverty and disability is complex and multi-directional.  It is important to examine not only the number of jobs available to adults with disabilities, but the type and quality of job opportunities outside of low or unskilled positions. Here at New Horizons we know capturing these possibilities requires considering freshly conceived future work situations that includes those we serve.

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